Interview for VICE about ABDL


I did an interview for VICE, for an article about fetishes that are impossible to carry out. Erica Euse interviewed several fetishists, and she interviewed me about ABDL. I’m so happy an proud because I do my best to make ABDL more known, and less mysterious. Below is an excerpt of Erica’s article on VICE.

Read the full article in Dutch or in English.

What Kinksters Do When Their Fetishes Are Impossible

Emma is an age player and diaper lover. She lives in Amsterdam where she has her own nursery. She also has her own website where she shares pictures of her diapered daily life.

How does being an adult baby play out in your sex life?
I am not exactly an adult baby—my play age varies from 3 to 16. Age play and diapers are not sexual in itself for me. To be little and to be diapered makes me feel snug, safe, secure, and relaxed. It’s my happy time and it makes me feel good. When I do add sexual arousal to that, like with a partner or solo, it makes me feel extra super good. Not every ABDL (adult baby diaper lover) is interested in sex when they’re in little mood, but me, I like it. It makes sex extra awesome.

What does your ABDL fantasy look like?
Well, the best place to do this would be an ABDL nursery, and I happen to have my own ABDL nursery in Amsterdam. I have adult size nursery furniture which is so awesome. In my fantasy, I would be wearing a school uniform or cotton romper and a lovely diaper, and my hair in pigtails. My sitter is just wearing his casual clothes. Or maybe his pyjamas. I love pyjamas.

What kind of techniques do you use to make it seem real?
ABDL, either sexual or non-sexual, is a fantasy scenario—it involves adults playing different fantasy ages. It’s obvious that the world is not scaled for adult-sized littles. But you can upscale lots of things to be adult size, and then you can come a long way. For example, you can buy lots of cute rompers in size S to XXL or buy a pacifier that fits an adult.

Do you ever get frustrated with the fact that your fetish is just a fantasy?
I think it’s nice that things are fantasy. That makes it possible to mix and match different fantasies and to be creative. For example, I wear a school uniform and I also wear a diaper and suck a pacifier. Or you can play it’s time for bed when it’s midday. It’s fun.


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