Looking back on November 2019 – Ms Leather Netherlands

Since the elections on 24 October 2019 I am holder of the title Ms Leather Netherlands 2020. During the November month I was getting used to wearing my sash 😉 and I contributed to the following events in the leather and kink community.

Winter Pride Almere

On 2 November I was honoured to wear my sash and the rainbow flag during the Winter Pride Almere. This pride is organized by my ‘sash mother’ Suzanne van de Laar, in her own hometown Almere. Winter Pride Almere was a success: a large procession of people and flags crossed the city. A transgender pride crosswalk was revealed. A friend of mine who lives in Almere said ‘I’ve never seen Almere so colorful’.

See more pics of the Winter Pride Almere

🤜💘💙🖤 🤛

The Meantime

I am co-organizer of The Meantime, an all-gender kinky sex play party that takes place every two months in the Eagle, Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam. This Meantime was special for me: because of my Ms Leather title, I received special congratulations and beautiful flowers from the entire Eagle team.

🤜💘💙🖤 🤛

Congratulations to Mr International Rubber

My sash brother Adalberto, Mr Rubber Netherlands 2019, won the world title Mr International Rubber! Celebrations all round of course. See lots of pictures of a fun night.

My sash brother Stephan and me even did a small interview for the Amsterdam TV station AT5 😀
Have a giggle.

🤜💘💙🖤 🤛

🤜💘💙🖤 🤛

The Meantime

Yes! another Meantime in November. This time during the Wasteland Weekend. I could go on and on about all the fun I had that night – but….
What happens at the Meantime stays at the Meantime 😉

🤜💘💙🖤 🤛

…oh and I baked a…. cake 😅

🤜💘💙🖤 🤛

See what I did in December
Looking back on December 2019 – Ms Leather Netherlands

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