Looking back on December 2019 – Ms Leather Netherlands

My December was a fabulous month of community work, parties, friends, sex education, fund raising and overall love. Here’s my December adventure in short.

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Interview for MassaD Magazine

Europe’s oldest BDSM and kink magazine did an interview with me about my Ms Leather activitities and ambitions.

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Workshop during DARE

COC Haaglanden organised DARE event for lesbian and transgender women. I hosted the workshop Dominant and Tough. Female power!

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ABDL Christmas Karaoke

I am hostess for the Club ABDL party in Amsterdam. Every December we have a hilarious Christmas Karaoke and a hundred people joined in. It was glorious πŸ˜‚
See pics

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VU Pride

Did you know I am co-founder of the Pride network of the Vrije Universiteit?
We have educational events and fun events. Like… end of year drinks with karaoke (unrelated to other December karaoke events but fun nevertheless).

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Workshop about BDSM and kink for 14 Chinese women sexuologists

It was a very interesting afternoon and kudos to the interpretor for translating the whole workshop to Chinese.
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Christmas concert fundraiser for homeless LGBT+ youth

This was a special and emotional fundraiser, in the Westerkerk church in Amsterdam.
Special thanks to all the organisers, Hans Verhoeven, the Dutch Salvation Army and the Westerkerk. See photos.

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Amsterdam Age Play Rave

I am ambassador for the ABDL community and with the help of lovely friends I organised the first Amsterdam Age Play Rave. It was a succes: the 2nd one will be on 14 March!

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Fetish Xmas drinks at Prik

Me and my sash brother Adalberto had some fetish christmas drinks at gay cocktail bar Prik. It was great to see all our leather and rubber friends in gear, amidst the other visitors of Prik. Yes, we’ll do it again. Check out the pics.

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Happy Holidays!

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Check out my plans for January
Ms Leather Netherlands calendar January 2020

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