True Colors 2020

COC’s True Colors brings the Dutch LGBTI movement together for an unforgettable evening in Paradiso. The COC organizes this unique event as a token of appreciation and thanks to the active supporters, the wider LGBTI movement and its “allies”.

True Colors is the event where almost 2,000 LGBTI sympathizers from hundreds of organizations make new valuable connections, look back on joint successes in the fight for equal rights and usher in the new rainbow year while enjoying spectacular entertainment.

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At True Colors three communities I represent came together and it was heartwarming, emotional and kick-ass.

Representing the Dutch leather community was obvious, as I was wearing my leather gear and my Ms Leather Netherlands sash. It was good to spark up conversations about fetish and the leather community, and it was good to be visible on stage.

I also was there with my team members from VU Pride, the LGBT organisation of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam of which I am co-founder. It was the first time that VU Pride was represented at True Colors, and we kicked ass.

And I was surprised by a third community for whom I act as an ambassador: the ABDL community. It was a surprise to be recognised in all leathers in stead of all pastels 😅
A few people asked me ‘Hey aren’t you Emma!’ and after wel talked, it was a little emotional to realise that organising parties, products and a Nursery for the ABDL community really does make a difference in how people feel confident in their lifestyle.

All in all it was an evening of true community, diversity, and most of all: LOVE.

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