About me

Hi! I’m Karin.
Also known as QT, also known als Emma.

I’ve been actively into leather and kink since 1993. I’m older than I look šŸ˜›
I have two wonderful partners who try to keep up with all the stuff I’m involved in. I love axolotls, cats, tardigrades, white chocolate, anything pink or glittery, gas masks and unicorns. I’m a girly girl who can stand her ground.

Ms Leather Netherlands 2020
I have been elected Ms Leather Netherlands 2020. This means I represent and the leather community together with my ‘sash siblings’: title holders in different countries and for different kink communities.
What I find most important is to work on Visibility, Alliances and Acceptance.
šŸ¤œ ā¤ļøšŸ’™šŸ–¤šŸ¤›

Sex educator
For over ten years I’ve been sex educator, hosting workshops and lectures about creative (kinky) sex and relationships. Participants vary from enthusiasts who want to learn about safety and techniques, to sex workers who wish to extend their skills, to sexologists who need to learn about do’s and don’ts when it comes to kinky sex, to doctors and medical students who see bruises on people and need to distinguish between abuse and bdsm (and ask all the right questions).
I team up with Hans, together we are Kink Info.

LGBT+ community
I’m co founder of VU Pride, the LGBT+ community for students, researchers and employees at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. One of our focus points is multi-diversity as we have a large international community on our campus grounds.
VU Pride has recently won a super big subsidy from the government, with our plans to support the national and international LGBT+ community at the Vrije Universiteit. We are now setting up our next level of professionalisation and making plans on how to improve LGBT+ life not just at the VU, but in the whole of Amsterdam.

Kink community
I like to organise stuff for the community. One of the things I’m involved with nowadays is The Meantime. The Meantime is a small-ish kinky play party with a welcoming atmosphere, in the Eagle, Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam. Experienced players and newbies feel right at home, and it’s a place where people actually meet new people and have conversations and other interaction.

I’m also involved in the age play community where I have my own Nursery which I run as a charity / community home for people to meet others. I’m involved with parties such as Club ABDL in the Akhnaton in Amsterdam, and I am an abassador and spokesperson for the community when it comes to press, tv, general emancipation.
I try to bring the world of leather and kink together with the world of age play, because we are not so much different and together we are strong. And it’s working, I’m proud to say that now shops in Nederland such as Mister B, DeMask, Underground Fetish, Mince and Erotica sell fetish diapers because I made that happen. WoozaaH! šŸ˜€

Shadow life
In my shadow life I’m an IT Projectmanager. Oh well….. we all have our dirty little secrets don’t we šŸ˜‰